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  • Bar Ilan University

    Bar Ilan University

  • University of Manitoba

    University of Manitoba

  • Claims Conference

    Claims Conference

  • Cleanbiz Horizons

    Cleanbiz Horizons

  • Delek - Fuel Company

    Delek - Fuel Company

  • DHL


  • MFA


  • The Hebrew University

    The Hebrew University

  • The University of Iowa

    The University of Iowa

  • Luli TV Channel

    Luli TV Channel

  • Mashav


  • Ministry of Health

    Ministry of Health

  • MyThings


  • Elbit Systems

    Elbit Systems

  • Sesame Street

    Sesame Street

  • Technion


  • Tel Aviv University

    Tel Aviv University

  • Australian Nuclear Science

    Australian Nuclear Science

  • Stockholm University

    Stockholm University

  • University of Alberta

    University of Alberta

  • Gateway University Research Park

    Gateway University Research Park

  • East Carolina Universiy

    East Carolina Universiy

  • BrightWay Vision

    BrightWay Vision

  • UW


  • UNBC


  • Sunshine Coast University

    Sunshine Coast University

  • University of Tampere

    University of Tampere

  • Temple University

    Temple University

  • FutuRx


  • University of Liverpool

    University of Liverpool

  • University of Wisconsin

    University of Wisconsin

  • ETS



Our clients satisfaction is our top priority. Here are some words from our clients:

  • Chen Yurista

    Chen Yurista

    Executive Director Claims Conference Israel  


    " As Executive Director of the Claims Conference in Israel I initially hired prog4biz to build a complicated online grant management system. I chose prog4biz after a long and strenuous bid process. It was my meeting with Amir, CEO of prog4biz, which made the difference. Amir came to meeting with initial analysis, raised issues which I did not think of, and gave a detailed and realistic view of the developing process.

    Prog4biz completed the analysis, developed the software, performed a rigorous QA process, installed and implemented the system on time. This allowed us to launch the system to hundreds of users smoothly. Further, prog4biz helped us fix issues with our DBs which were created by the former company who attempted, and failed, this feat. Needless to state that prog4biz supplied the system within the deadlines and on budget.

    Since then I hired prog4biz to develop several other software solutions, so did our headquarters in NY. We had the same pleasant experience every time. If you look an honest and reliable company to develop your tailor-made software solution, look no further." 

  • Sharon Haskal

    Sharon Haskal


    Hop! Internet

    Zebra TV Channels Ltd


    “Our work with Prog4biz, has been diverse over the years: Building content management systems, billing systems, customer management system, HTML development, application development, and many more.
    All projects were excellently managed professionally, accompanied by great human relations, and, above all, gave us the feeling that we are in good hands.
    It is important for me to note specifically on the wonderful support from the company in times of technological crises.
    I can certainly say that not once nor twice, the engagement and professionalism of the Prog4biz team saved us from absolute catastrophes.”

  • Karen Ryan

    Karen Ryan

    Equipment Engineer,

    Gateway University Research Park, NC


    “We purchased BookItLab last year as a scheduling solution for our lab equipment. It has almost entirely eliminated the time needed to manage the scheduling and fees, and our students and industrial partners really like how easy it is to use. The customer service we have received from Prog4Biz has been outstanding. Amir and his team have been responsive, helpful, and patient as we learned to maximize the benefits of this software.”

  • B. Drew Rockett, PhD

    B. Drew Rockett, PhD

    Operations Manager, East Carolina Diabetes and Obesity Institute


    “We setup BookitLab last year and haven’t looked back. The system is a great way to maximize utility on all our core equipment. BookitLab allows us to schedule equipment and manage user fees with ease. It also makes adjusting those schedules painless. Amir and his team have been tremendous in customizing our setup to meet our needs. I would highly recommend BookitLab as a great value.”

  • Dr. Randy Whittal

    Dr. Randy Whittal

    Manager/ Mass Spec Chem Lab

    University of Alberta

    About BookitLab


    "We installed BookitLab four months ago in the Mass Spectrometry Facility. We have been very pleased with the ease of making instrument reservations, tracking instrument usage and the equipment access control features. The software support has been outstanding; right from implementation through day to day operation. I would highly recommend this product both for its affordability and effectiveness." 

  • Y. Oschry, Ph.D

    Y. Oschry, Ph.D

    Director of Interdepartmental Equipment Labs,

    Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University. 

    About BookitLab


    " As director of the Interdepartmental Core Facility at the Sackler School of Medicine I really needed a program that would allow me to monitor and control booking, usage and billing of the many devices in our ever growing unit.
    I finally found BookitLab which has proven to be the answer to task.
    The installation of BookitLab in our unit has yielded increased availability, fair user time allocation and overall financial management.
    All these are now simplified and computerized.
    At present we have over 150 research labs with 500 registered users on line using our facilities. No one can work without registering into BookitLab, booking usage time, logging on with their personal user name and password and being paid up (within preset limits).
    BookitLab has allowed us, and individual user labs, to immediately produce all financial reports necessary for all accounting purposes.
    We are very pleased with Bookitlab and recommend it highly." 

  • Dr. Itay Lazar

    Dr. Itay Lazar

    Head of scientific equipment center

    Bar Ilan University

    About BookitLab


    "Approximately 3 years ago we purchased BookitLab - Core Facility Management Software. Since then our center has become much more efficient. We were able to generate financial reports, track users activities and monitor instruments failures. I want to thank the CEO, Amir Bokovza and Prog4biz Company for their professional support, availability and innovative ideas for developing and improving our unit." 

  • Yossi Hoshen

    Yossi Hoshen

    Director Of Information Systems,

    myThings Technology Company 


    "Prog4biz was able to deliver a web application for My Things in an extremely short time frame, and in an ever changing requirements. The fast and reliable work done was critical to project success."

  • Mark Ishay

    Mark Ishay

    Fluid Engineer, Ph.D


    "It was and is a pleasure to work with Amir and Prog4biz. The meetings are always very productive as well as the final results." 

  • Ayellet Packin

    Ayellet Packin

    Course Coordinator,

    MCTC -The Golda Meir Mount Carmel International Training Center


    “When developing MCTC's web applications Amir Bokovza, Prog4biz CEO, was extremely attentive to our organizations needs. He was a pleasure to work with and kept the entire process transparent and easy. His explanations were thorough and the final result looks great!”

  • Gadi Robinzon

    Gadi Robinzon

    Director of Ecology and Fire Safety,

    Delek Fuel Company 


    "The database application we have developed with Prog4biz is saving us time and money on a daily basis, and we've made the right choice to develop it with an experienced company."

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