What is Database Application Development

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Database Application Development

Prog4biz has specialized in custom database application development since 2005, using wide range of advanced technologies and professional skills to create reliable, user-friendly and highly efficient customized applications.


Data has always been a great power, benefiting those, who know how to use and control it. An accurate and well organized database is essential for any business and organization, helping them to succeed in modern competitive economy. Big scale organizations, firms, websites and other commercial businesses cannot survive without database management software.


Prog4Biz custom development of database application provides your business with optimal technological tools to collect, manage, analyze and use wisely your database.


What is a database application?

Database application is a computerized web-based or locally installed data system, designed to collect, store and backup massive amounts of information, which then can be processed, managed and analyzed according to specific demands of the business.

Such kind of application has three distinctive layers: data storage, data processing and analyzing, and a user interface.

One of Prog4biz flagship expertise is upgrading existing database systems. Businesses using an old database management system, which no longer answers their current needs, have to find a complementary or alternative updated solution. Prog4biz team learns client's existing database system, as well as client's requirements and prospective demands and budget available. After initial specification completed, Prog4biz team builds a detailed specification for software development.


Prog4Biz basic database application development procedure includes:

• Mutual assessment of client's needs and budget available
• Software specification and timeline estimation
• Database architecture design
• Database application development
• Data modeling and integration
• Third party integration and services
• Security measures implementation
• Quality assurance and performance tuning
• Training users for application daily use
• Maintenance and support
• Integration of future improvements and developments


Database management systems can be found nowadays at almost any field. These computer programs are prevalent in academic and educational establishments, as well as in political and financial world, commercial markets, healthcare systems and many others.


Developing a custom database application that meets your special business needs, enables:

• Costs saving
• Time saving
• Work processes optimization
• Effective data management

Looking for a custom software that will take your business further?

We listen, develop and provide you with a custom software solution tailored to your business needs and budget.

Contact us today and request a quotation.