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Custom Software Development Company

Custom Software Development

Prog4Biz is a custom software development company, specializing in creating advanced tailored web applications and custom software development.
Custom software (as opposed to commercial or free software) is specially designed to provide your organization with the ultimate answer to your specific requirements and business needs.


Why choose a custom software development company:

• Tailor made software is developed for a specific client, therefore it considers and accommodates all the client's business needs and preferences.

• It can be developed stage by stage, along with changing and growing business demands.

• The specification process involves various departments, as well as considering all specific needs of the organization it is developed for.

• The program has a user-friendly interface, developed in a consultaion with the customer and satisfying all business requirements.

• Custom software is often required and used in large scale organizations and companies to manage and run critical functions, when available ready off-the-shelf software cannot satisfy the business requirements.

• User training, support and 24/7 maintenance - your custom software development company will remain a loyal and true business partner for many years.

• Various development technologies are available.

• Implementation and integration with existing systems, database applications and related software already used by a client are taken into account.

• SaaS or self-hosted solutions available.

• Mobile and other platform applications are supported and provided on request.


Custom software development process involves the following stages: 

• You tell us your requirements, how you expect the software to run, what is your budget and what business processes it should manage or perform.

• We create and provide you with a detailed requirements specification (requirement analysis). This stage is crucial for building a solid and optimized foundation for all further custom applications and software development for firm.

• Bespoke software design stage starts. This stage includes UI design, software development and programming.

• Implementation and integration stage.

• Testing / Validation stage.

• Installation stage.

• Training and maintenance stage.

• Future developments by demand.


Tailored software is sometimes considered as an expensive solution, compared to ready off-the-shelf products. However, the opposite is often the case: investing in a quality solution development, performed by an experienced and reliable development company, becomes a valuable and cost-effective solution (with a long time perspective) for many organizations and companies worldwide.

Custom software development provides a perfect opportunity to include all the initial requirements, along with ongoing future development and support. For many companies, this has proven to be the best and most effective approach to deliver software solutions.


Why Prog4biz?

Developing custom software since 2005, we have gained a wide experience in custom software development and specification, providing our clients with professional services and guidance, using cutting-edge technologies and giving personal attention to each client's needs.

• Software requirements specification is our specialty - we listen, learn and define your path to an optimal solution, based on our wide knowledge of available technologies and existing business solutions to create the best solution tailored to your organization needs.

• Rich experience in software development for a wide range of businesses and large scale organizations worldwide.

• 24/7 support and personal attention to each client's needs, during all stages of development, maintenance and support.

Looking for a custom software solution that will take your business further?

We listen, develop and provide you with a custom software solution tailored to your business needs and budget.

Contact us today for a free quote