Claims Conference

Software Profile

Development of multiple secured web DB applications with millions of records and thousands of users across the globe


International Organizations/ Non-Profit

Software Release Date

Ongoing Releases Since 2008


  • Secured claims management applications

  • Increased staff productivity

  • Strong reporting tools

Country Or Region

New York/ Tel Aviv with world wide branches and members.

Customer Size

Hundreds of employees worldwide

Number of Users

Thousands/ Hunderds

Claims Conference Custom Database Application & Support

"As Executive Director of the Claims Conference in Israel I initially hired Prog4biz to build a complicated online grant management system. I chose Prog4biz after a long and strenuous bid process.

It was my meeting with Amir, CEO of Prog4biz, which made the difference. Amir came to meeting with initial analysis, raised issues which I did not think of, and gave a detailed and realistic view of the developing process.

Prog4biz completed the analysis, developed the software, performed a rigorous QA process, installed and implemented the system on time. This allowed us to launch the system to hundreds of users smoothly. Further, Prog4biz helped us fix issues with our DBs which were created by the former company who attempted, and failed, this feat. Needless to state that Prog4biz supplied the system within the deadlines and on budget.

Since then I hired Prog4biz to develop several other software solutions, so did our headquarters in NY. We had the same pleasant experience every time. If you look an honest and reliable company to develop your tailor-made software solution, look no further."


Chen Yurista

Executive Director Claims Conference Israel

The Problem

Development of multiple secured web DB applications some with millions of records and thousands of users from all around the world.

The Solution

Providing a full service including identifying needs, specification writing, development, testing, integration, ongoing support and maintenance.

The Benefits

Agile development with continues deployments.

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