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BookitLab is a core facility management software for scientific Core Facilities and Shared Service Centers, used in leading scientific institutions globally across the world for the past 7 years.


Research, Scientific Centers, LIMS, Laboratories, Universities

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  • BookitLab helps to reduce costs, while offering intuitive, yet powerful and flexible control over all

    scientific equipment and services.

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over 250,000 reservations 

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BookitLab  - Core Facility Management Software

"Approximately 3 years ago we purchased BookitLab - Core Facility Management Software. Since then our center has become much more efficient. We were able to generate financial reports, track users activities and monitor instruments failures. I want to thank the CEO, Amir Bokovza and Prog4biz Company for their professional support, availability and innovative ideas for developing and improving our unit." 


Dr. Itay Lazar


The Problem

BookitLab was developed together with a team of scientific advisers and research scientists in collaboration with Bar-Ilan University in order to meet the needs of Core Facility managers in different fields of research, such as life sciences, medicine, nano-technology, flow cytometry, nuclear physics and others.

The Solution

Starting from the very first months of use, core facilities managers reported an increasing time saving both for staff and researchers in performing daily operations, as well as dramatic improve in the processes of equipment reservations, reporting, billing, asset management and other aspects of their work.

The Benefits

BookitLab allows lab managers to save time and money by efficiently providing core facility management software that specializes in equipment tracking and reservation, as well as scientific asset management that is now used across a vast number of universities and research facilities worldwide. With

BookitLab, lab managers are able to manage core facilities in a variety of the science fields, including biology, chemistry, life sciences, medicine, flow cytometry, nanotechnology and many more. 


BookitLab allows core managers to connect and manage all available equipment and services. These include equipment access control, scheduling, billing, and maintenance.

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